S3E1: Meet Elysia Tan, Singapore Brewers Cup Champion 2019 & 2022

January 11, 2023 I'M NOT A BARISTA Season 3 Episode 1
S3E1: Meet Elysia Tan, Singapore Brewers Cup Champion 2019 & 2022
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In the first episode of season 3 of the I'M NOT A BARISTA podcast, we talked to Elysia Tan, a coffee entrepreneur, and professional barista with multiple titles. She is the Singapore Brewers Cup Champion 2019 and 2022, and the World Brewers Cup 2022 2nd Runner up, and the co-founder of Homeground Coffee Roasters in Singapore.

After eight years in the coffee world, Elysia still finds her passion in coffee; what inspires her daily, and what is she like in real life? Listen to this episode and get to know the real Elysia.

If you travel to Singapore this year, Elysia has a list of great coffee shops you must visit.

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Elysia started as a barista, too.
What keeps Elysia stay in the coffee industry
Baristas' ROI
The first competition
What is like to be a barista champion?
What personality traits do baristas have?
How Elysia recruits baristas?
Must-visit coffee shops in Singapore
Elysia's tips for baristas