Audio story #3 - Michalina Sujewicz

July 08, 2022
Audio story #3 - Michalina Sujewicz
Show Notes

Meet Michalina (Instagram: @coffee_that_gives_a_puck)!

After fifteen years in the hospitality industry, what can Michalina not do?

From barista to teacher to Youtuber to yoga fanatic, she has done more than what many might do in their lifetime. 

After up and leaving her entire life in Poland to spend eight years in New Zealand (during the lockdown!!!), Michalina has gained great insight into who she is and what she wants out of her career and life. She believes that:

“If you have a certain passion and you want to evolve…

you will find your way and you will follow the path that you want.” But she also believes in taking a break and focusing on yourself, which is why she stepped away from the hospitality industry. 

Subscribe to Michalina’s Youtube channel “Coffee that gives a puck” and get ready to go on the most educational and entertaining journey into the coffee world than you ever imagined!

What are your thoughts on the hospitality industry? Where do you think it can improve—as either an employee or a consumer? Let us know !

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